Magnolia Grandiflora

by Peters Jacket

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Debut album from Peters Jacket.

It chronicles my feelings on various relationships I had in college, whether those were "fair" to think/feel or not.

I hope you find it relatable.


released May 9, 2017

Thanks to all who contributed to this album. It's been an ever-evolving project work and I couldn't have done it without you: John & Laine Discepoli, Gabby Discepoli, Will Deters, Austin Arnold, Michael Rasile, Maxwell Zikakis, Ian Kendall, Mason Schmitt, Michael Crecca, Ned Brophy, Erik Maynard, Lake Markham, Nathan Childers, Noah Karman, Laurel Sorenson, Veronica Selby, Caleb Christie Cordes, Evan Stephens Hall, Hattie B's Staff, and Santa's Pub. Special shout out to the Panera Bread in Mt. Vernon, Illinois for letting me use their wifi to upload this album.



all rights reserved


Peters Jacket Nashville, Tennessee

Peters Jacket is Nic Discepoli and various friends.

Check out his debut album, Magnolia Grandiflora now.

Also check out his Visual EP, voicemail-68, here:
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Track Name: Threnody To My Southern Tendencies
It's been a long time
and we both know New England snow
doesn't grow much around these parts,
and neither do you.

I got a memory,
of the afternoon light
floating through me
and easing my mind,
But when I face you
and see your lips,
I'm convinced it'll only last a little while

(Every time I breath, I hope you come back to me)

I'm just sitting in Roh's,
Just sniffing the coffee
Just waking the sent of...

You're just in some apartment,
Just watching a movie,
Just honing your plight-less (ruse)

I don't think I've got the time to call you tonight

So where will you be,
When I'm no longer seventeen?
Standing out drunk by the liberty bell,
Too far to hear me yell
Track Name: Until You Inhale
heart shifting in the neon pink of the bar and my eyes are waking to the lipstick that used to stain my neck.

daylight was floating into bedroom and your eyes were blinking before your teeth searched for my shoulder.

the memory will linger on your lipstick until you inhale to speak.
Track Name: Ink
You open your mouth
and the ink starts falling out
You're so loquacious
when you don't know what you're talking about

when you say you love me
in a thousand little blotches
You said you loved me,
but why can't you see,

I'm a liar and I'm not changing anything for you.
Track Name: Recess
(Hi, Good morning.
What time is it for you?
I wanna hear everything,
So go and tell me everything,
Sorry, what were you saying?)

Did the sun wake you today,
Or was it cloudy?
Did you role out of bed?
How am I sounding?
Cause I've been up for at least six hours more than you

Ripping your letters to pieces,
Cause they just remind me of our
regretted recess.

You aren't the one that I loved,
You're the one I was thinking of

Did your friend wake you today?
And was he charming in my way?
Did he bring you, some coffee?
Or was he naked?

I bet he smelt like beers and breakfast
and he didn't notice your roommate's necklace
and if he really likes avocados just as much as you

Then I guess, there's nothing left.
Track Name: Scratched
Scratched my skin on your inner thigh last night
I just thought you would have been more intentional this time
But we pretend for the rest of the while
we’re cahoots walking up and down the aisle
groceries always seemed to suit me
Because they glisten with their glutinous hips
So in my un-sweating exhale I must forgive my missing tail
A loss words and anecdotal fits

A loss of words and anecdotal fits,
And while I'm thinking of it
I’ve felt alone in my wits
But if you’ve been to Shoreditch
Then I guess we could mate

Left my pen on your windowsill last night
I didn't think that life it's hints were sold in stark white
Well, I'm a liar yet a love-able guy
Do you think that's what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

She always sang better words than I
But Mikey told my fingers rise rise
Now I'm feeling like the crux of my grip is beginning to slip
How did I end up looking up at your eyes?

So, I apologize for my anecdotal slip-ups
but if we could chalk them up to hiccups
I’m sure we could find a time to sleep tonight.
Track Name: Temptation
Oh temptation,
what do you want from me?
Cause I can see you crawling there,
Creeping up on my feet.
You breathe before you speak,
Like you're collecting your thoughts,
Making them rational right before my big wash

But after 90 days drying out,
we're both still here,
so tell me, what do you want to say to me?
Track Name: Get To Get-To-Knowing
8:00am sun’s waking up for class again
And your name's stuck wandering around my ballpoint pen
It's another quick comment right before the teacher’s talking
just to prove i’m worth a notch in your little book of lockets, my dear

And your response is a patient-eyed and smile
that leaves me all breathless and awake on the tile
Until I'm left with quivering knees
Praying I really wish i knew the air between your teeth

With the lecture softly going in the background
I move on to dosey-doeing in my mind with you again,
Well, I was never really one for tippy-toeing
so if we get to get-to-knowing
I will let you in

Turn my head around from looking at you
get a demerit from the teacher for breaking the classroom rules
That's alright, I'll stay enamored and rude
If it means your replacing my spring/summer blues 

With the lecture softly going in the background
I move on to dosey-doeing in my mind with you again,
Well, I was never really one for tippy-toeing
so if we get to get-to-knowing
I will...

Let me in
If I’m really being honest, I can’t find my polyphonic
So I’ll keep writing down these sonnets, until I’ve entertained my pockets
Whether it's slow jog or fast pace to the elevator
I'm still working on my timing for my daily see-you-later
Track Name: Hattie's Bathroom
"I'll take the mild,"
But I thought you liked it spicy.
And her answer induces a retreat
to the public toilet's white seat
where I'm sighing and signing on
to my social news feed

Well, I hope you can piss this one out,
Cause jalapeno smoke misses your mouth
I knew you were busy,
but I never thought you'd be keeping tabs
so close to the ones I have
So next time you say,
that I was the one that was bad,
let's just ask our best friends who they've been fucking lately.
Track Name: Santa's Alright
Walked in and found you killing time with most of my friends
Well, the pubs back in London worked a little differently,
There I'd start off with ales, smart remarks, and she'd reply (sarcastically)
Here it's just idle eyes, karaoke bars, and beer

So we get to mumbling 
I heard you were doing something cool with your time
Heard you even made him rhyme

Conversation's kicking now it's like we never ran out of
things to say, or places to look on our bodies
Yeah, your waist looks even better than before
But I’m just wasting my breath 
Talking about my core

So we get to mumbling
I guess I was doing something
Wrong with my time
Do you still care about my life?

Haven't you calculated every word that I'm about to say
(I swear I'm still a good person)
Cause now you look at me you stay blasé and blank
(I spent half this year trying to figure out where I went wrong)
I’m researched and sensitive but your still rolling your eyes
(she inhales and says, get on with your point)

I don't want you back but I want you to think I'm alright
Track Name: Clicking.
Waking up with my eyes to the screen
Another Sunday, my unholy routine
I am sorry God. It's not that you’re not enough
But when I get clicking, I start to feel stuck
Maybe you can help me, you gave Noah the flood, and Tyler a bath.
Do you think I could get it up?

I just need a rinse

Cause I can feel this clicking, seep throughout life
I can't talk to you or girls, even to say i'm alright
When I wandered, I kept thoughts to myself
Thinking that yonder, would be my signal dove
But now I'm back in America and the wifi's really good
I'm not asking for a flood, but do you think I could get it up?

I just need a rinse

And when I rinse with water
I'll be bubbling the words from my mouth
I'll be something pretty to look at
I'll be making my father proud

So I'm swearing off clicking
I'm swearing off clicking
And I think I will be alright.